Our Adoption Story

Our story began with our biological son who was born with a rare immune disease and needed a bone marrow transplant when he was 2. (He is 6 now and doing amazing!) We found out that there was a 50% chance if we had another biological child that they would have it too.

We have several friends who have fostered and adopted in the past so we were already familiar with adoption. We felt that God placed it on our hearts to adopt, so we listened!

We began the process in January 2018 with a local non profit agency in Tulsa called Crisis Pregnancy Outreach. After 8 months we were matched with a birth mom who was 35 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks later our Everly was born! She is such a joy to our family and fits right in. She makes us laugh constantly and already has quite the personality!

We weren’t planning to adopt again so soon, but God had other plans! When Everly was 15 months old we got a call from our agency saying they needed a family for a birth mom due very very soon. We weren’t currently active with our agency since we just adopted but after lots of prayer we decided to put our yes on the table! We met our sweet birth mom a couple days later and Noelle was born 5 days after that! She is a miracle baby and already has such an amazing testimony! We thank God every day for these precious gifts and for our amazingly brave birth moms. Words could never express our gratitude to them and how proud we are of them.

*If you have any questions about open adoption please reach out to us here, we would love to chat with you!

*If you would like more information about Crisis Pregnancy Outreach click here.

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